Make It Happen Membership Group

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I believe in Indie Biz. It has the creative power to bring joy and vitality into a world of bland organisations and chain stores. Let’s come together as a community to share our experience, ideas and passion for the greater good of our culture.

The Make It Happen Movement exists to spark action. I am so very honoured to guide our community and share my 16 years worth of experience in the field. Let’s do this!

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The group is for you if

💙 You’re ready to get serious about your indie biz whether it’s a side hustle, you’re pre-launch or 10 years in. It’s a mindset. Sleeves are rolled up and you’re excited to dive in!

💛 You’re open to experimenting with new ideas & understand it’s a process.

💚 You’ve decided you want to make the space to work ON your biz as well as IN your biz.

❤ You’re willing to work at your own pace and focus on what success looks like to you.

The group isn’t for you if

🚫 You’d like someone to do the work for you.

🚫 You’re looking for a Facebook group to promote your product or service in.

The Make It Happen membership group is hosted by Leona Thrift-ola and full of strategy and inspiration from a wide range of curated industry professionals. You can take strength in community, find your own voice and do the work that you want to be known for.

YOU are what makes your indie biz amazing 😍 There will be ups and downs because it’s a rollercoaster but together we will MAKE IT HAPPEN 🎉

First payment: 01/02/2019