Through the Clubhouse Keyhole: Jessica Matthew shows us how to decorate with plants

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Posted on 12th April 2018

Hey! It’s Zabby here, Editor of the Lucky Dip Clubhouse mini mag from your box. Working on this little publication brings me so much joy and sometimes I can get a bit carried away commissioning content, so I’m introducing you to this new blog series: Through the Clubhouse Keyhole. Here I will be sharing the content that never made it into the mag, the unseen bits and perhaps down the line I’ll share some behind-the-scenes info on how we produce this little publication too!

This month I’m sharing some content I didn’t have room for in our March issue. The mag was themed “Grow” and focused on plants, inspired by the super cool socks designed by Jacqueline Colley and pin designed by Lois Gunn! Subscriber Jessica Matthew runs a terrarium business and also works for a company that cares for plants in San Francisco offices, so we knew she was the right woman to give us some green-fingered tips. In the mag Plant Lady Jessica shared the story of how plants became a huge part of her life and listed some plants that are easy to care for and hard to kill (tips I definitely needed myself!). She also sent me a great list of creative ways you can decorate your home or office with plants , but sadly I didn’t have room for it in the mag. So let’s go through the keyhole and hand over to Jessica for some plant tips…


by Jessica Matthew


Terrariums are super easy to make. Start by choosing a vessel (mason jars, small vases, fish bowls, clear glass cups or wine glasses all work!), then go on a walk around your neighbourhood to pick out interesting pebbles or rocks, leaves, acorns, moss, and some twigs. Assemble your terrarium by placing some soil or sand on the bottom, then fill with all of your materials in whatever way you like. Finish it off by sticking an air plant in it, and you’ve got yourself the world’s easiest terrarium!


Tie some string around the sides of a basket to make it hang-able. From there, stick a cascading plant, like a spider plant or a pothos inside, and then hang it near a bright window using a sturdy hook. Use smaller baskets to make a display for your desk by sticking one or two 4 inch plants inside, and filling the rest of the area with decorative moss.


Plant stands and macrame hangers add a cool retro touch to your home. Both of these were very popular in the 60s and 70s and are making a major comeback. Most home goods stores now have some options and Etsy and other online vintage stores are also great places to look. There are lots of macrame hanger tutorials online too if you wanna make your own.


Small glass greenhouses are available at most IKEA stores. This inexpensive decorative glass house is perfect for displaying plants and terrariums in your home. Fill with succulents and cacti, place near a bright window and watch your plants grow!


Orchid displays are beautiful. Find a large round shallow bowl or vase. Get an orchid and four or five 3 inch plants (pothos, philodendron, bamboo plant, snake plant, aglaonema are some good choices), and some decorative moss. Place the orchid in the middle of the container and then while holding it in place, surround it with the other plants (keep them all in their pots, that way you can easily replace one if it dies without having to undo the entire display)/ Cover the soil and empty space with the moss. Alternatively, you can get 4-5 orchids and fill the container with only orchids and fill in with some moss. This is a classic and posh way of displaying orchids.


Grab a terracotta pot and decorate it however you would like – paint, stickers and paper will all work. Pick out three or four 1-2 inch plants and have some decorative moss handy. Place them in the container by having a centre one and then surrounding it with the others. Cover any empty areas with moss. Place on your desk or window sill with bright, indirect light accessible. Be sure to check the soil before watering (moss can trap in moisture).

Thanks again to Jessica for sharing her plant wisdom with us. If you try out any of these tips in your home please don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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