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Posted on 22nd February 2018

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I am the one-woman show behind Glitter Punk! I’ve been in business since 2015, selling acrylic jewellery and enamel pins, as well as a bit of apparel and stationery. With my jewellery I absolutely love the statement pieces, and I’m always pushing myself to make more complex pieces – at the moment I’m focused on animals in scenes, I can’t seem to stop making cats so they are a regular feature! So far my pins have leaned heavily towards black & white designs, with a bit of feminism and the odd dinosaur too. And – you guessed it – cats!

What do you create? What positives does it bring to your life? How has it challenged you?

I’m not from an artistic background at all – I don’t even have a GCSE in art – so I’m completely self-trained. A huge positive for me is being able to express myself and my ideas through Glitter Punk. My biggest challenge is getting it all done – I never have the time to achieve everything I want to, so sleep & relaxation have to take a back seat!

Share making or design process? What makes you unique?

A lot of my time goes into developing concepts – I have a list in my iPhone of random ideas that occur to me which I can sit down and develop when I’m in design mode. My process is sketch, scan, transfer into Illustrator or Inkscape, then cutting a test piece. Laser cutting acrylic can produce unexpected results so there’s usually a bit of manual tweaking to get rid of unexpected gaps or pieces that come out of the machine smaller than planned! I think my uniqueness comes from my particular style of illustration.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

Probably the Day & Night Hugging Cats pin! I was at a bit of a juncture with Glitter Punk, after producing a few pastel pins I wanted to go in a new direction so was trying lots of different ideas. I was thinking a lot about opposites and yin and yang – it was a fairly simple idea that I popped down quickly and put on Instagram to see what people thought. I was completely blown away by the response and am still amazed by how many people love the design!

What is your favourite material?

Glitter acrylic is both the best and worst material to work with – best because of how stunning it looks, worst because it’s physically very difficult. The glitter flakes mean it has to be cut sloooowly, it’s prone to burning and the plastic smell when it’s being cut is something else! But it’s so pretty that it still wins my vote.

Sharing is caring… care to share a secret supplier?

Shout out to the very talented Chloe who runs both Esoteric London and also Sketch Laser Cutting. I buy loads of my specialist acrylics from her, a lot of which can’t be found easily elsewhere!

What’s your best tip for living a more creative life?

I would say – set yourself goals. Work out what you want to get from it, and once you know where you’re going you can work out how to get there! Take it one step at a time, but keep stretching yourself and trying things outside of your comfort zone. My creative goal this year is to move into 3D and start learning how to do ceramics!

Tell us something your customers won’t know about you…

I own an embarrassing amount of eyeshadow – over 200 colours at the last count. Also I am immensely superstitious, but only about magpies, the number 13, and leaving Christmas decorations up too long.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

My DYMO printer. Packing is never that fun, but it has revolutionised my life!

Join us tomorrow at 8am for an INCREDIBLE Fri-YAY Surprise brooch exclusively made by Glitter Punk.

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