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Super fun surprises designed just for us by independent artists. Jazzy socks and happy pins will deliver a pop of positivity and a confetti cannon of colour into your world every month.

Girl Planet

Signing up to Lucky Dip Club is becoming part of our Girl Planet Community; a like-minded group of women who encourage and inspire one another to seek adventure, be kind, embrace colour and live creatively.

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  • Log into your Lucky Dip Club account on our website once you have subscribed to unlock the Secret Subscriber’s Area! Delve through inspiring blog posts and peek into our online shop where you can snag goodies at a special discounted price. Launching soon we'll also feature an indie designer's directory with exclusive discounts, pen pal programme and pay-it-forward club.
  • Request to join our closed Facebook Group and get involved with our themed threads full of thoughtful discussion, amazing recommendations and oodles of encouragement. We share our creativity, organise local meet-ups, run a monthly indie goods swap shop and collaboratively shape the future of the club.
  • Printed Girl Planet publication in every box with articles written for our subscribers by our subscribers. It's a heartfelt high five from a friend that lifts you up and inspires you. Full of in-depth real life experiences, artist interviews, colouring-in pages and all-inclusive articles that encourage you to live your creative dreams.

What Our Subscribers Are Sayin’

  • The community is a huge aspect of why I love Lucky Dip Club. The exclusive quality of products and discovering new artists is amazing. I love how connected I feel to the artists and fellow subscribers through social media.

    Sarah Empson
  • For me LDC is about creating joy and treating myself with little pieces of art. I love the fact that I get to see new female artists and creators. It makes me feel very proud and brings some light into my personal art world

    Toni Ollier
  • LDC, absolutely is about discovering. The community is it's beating heart. But I also see LDC boxes as being about self-care and learning something new!

    Emily Jane Morgan
  • You seem to have this magic power that makes the LDC boxes show up on a day when I particularly need a pick me up. Community is a huge part of LDC for me. I love looking at the Instagram posts when a box has been delivered and I often end up following that person as we usually have lots on common!!

    Gemma Toye
  • I always felt and still do feel that I was lucky to be part of a group of lucky people who got these amazing boxes once a month that made us all smile. I work in the a creative industry and knowing some of the work that would have gone into every box blew my mind.

    Karen Sargant
  • LDC for me is highlighting cool lady artists and designers in a really supportive and happy community and I love getting something so positive and creative on my door step which promotes creativity and gives you little trinkets and items that lighten up day to day stuff

    Faye Messer
  • I am a bit of a homebody who'd rather be in my PJs on a Tuesday evening than making small talk with strangers. Being in Lucky Dip Club means I get to be part of a club of likeminded people without having to leave the house - bonus! I love seeing how other subscribers have styled their items on Instagram and interacting with other Lucky Dippers online.

    Suzi Azor
  • I love getting my lucky dip club box, when I opened the front door and saw it on the door mat I'd rush to the kettle to make a cuppa and sit down and enjoy looking at every item and more than likely putting on the badge and wear the necklace immediately

    Katy Bellingham

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